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10:32 PM . 25 November 2012

Turtle Dove Love

Sam nervously chewed his lip as he paced the space between Mercedes’ door and the door across the hall. He had no idea why he was nervous. Maybe because he wasn’t sure how she had reacted to the candy and flowers. Maybe because he hadn’t seen his girlfriend in person for about a month. Maybe because she hadn’t been her boyfriend for about a month. Maybe because he almost dropped Scooter on the elevator ride up. Who knew? But the nerves were tugging on his gut, so he tried to rub his stomach without wrinkling his freshly pressed shirt. Mercedes would be surprised, that was for sure… But would she be happy to see him? The butterflies in his stomach turned into ostriches - which actually didn’t make sense because ostriches are flightless birds, but that’s what it felt like regardless, so he sucked it up and knocked on her door.

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    He moaned a the low, sexy husk in her voice and moaned again at her words. She still wanted him. A smile spread across...
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    Mercedes’ eyes light up at Sam’s words, however she had no time to speak before his lips were on hers. Sliding closer to...